Health Fair
On 10th April in the George Green Communtiy Centre, a Health Fair was organised by Killcooley Women’s Centre and Rathgill Communtiy Centre. It was to promote Health awareness and how to prevent minor diseases and illness’s.
The  turn out was very good and the overall result was that people found it informative and beneficial to their day to day lifestyle choices.
There were a variety of stands ranging from Gordon’s Chemist, who provided a free health test, including blood pressure, blood sugar testing and cholesterol readings, to the promotion of diabetes awareness.
All in all it was a successful morning with free samples given out and a beautifully laid out refreshment table. As the day went on people were mingling and gaining all sorts of information which they would otherwise never have known. It was very beneficial to the whole community and would be considered to do again in the future.
Some good information was passed on that we feel people should be aware of,

1. Gordon’s chemist has introduced a scheme to deal with and treat minor ailments rather than going to the Doctor. It covers all sorts treatments and they encourage anyone to call in for a one to one consultation.
2. Growing Connections is a wonderful organic farming community. They are looking for volunteers to help with the planting of vegetables, dry wall building, digging and loads of other jobs that need to be done. They also sell organic eggs and a lot of their hens are rescued from the torment of battery housing. They are given a free life eating natural foodstuffs and therefore producing a better quality of egg. Better for the hen and better for you…… Look up their website or call with them on their Gransha road farm.
3. Agenda also had a stand and they were promoting a valuable service for the elderly and vulnerable people on their own. They are part of Age Concern and they provide early morning calls to anyone who needs to be checked on daily. It gives peace of mind to them and their family. For more information call 02891271968.
For anymore information do not hesitate to get in touch with Rathgill Community Association or Killcooley Women’s Centre